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Characteristics of GRIL

The principles incorporated in all our services encompass basic values such as the interest and willingness to learn and share ideas with others, the possibility to simplify complex matters and the fact that experience and wisdom are available within networks, organisations and individuals. Consultancy objectives are reached by combining our professional knowledge and experience with those of our clients. Very often GRIL thereby serves as a facilitator in a didactic learning process, while at other moments we contribute our expertise and guidance.
The active involvement of our clients in diagnosis, planning and change has the double benefit of mobilising commitment and making optimal use of existing information and views.
Working with our many, culturally diverse clients we have learned what it takes to improve the performance of individuals, organisations and networks. We wish to distinguish ourselves by the following characteristics:

  • Inclusiveness through working closely together with our clients and stakeholders, and generally encouraging a participatory approach. This implies our focus on building good relationships with clients and other stakeholders
  • Transparency, honesty and openness. In many settings we deal head-on with sensitive issues, addressing rather than circumventing them. Inter-cultural sensitivity, excellent communication skills and a sense of humour help us lift barriers
  • Professionalism in our attitude to our work; creativity in the methods and solutions we contribute
  • Visual in capturing the essence of debates and options, crisp and clarifying in summarising new agreements and outstanding issues while avoiding vague descriptions or jargon
  • Solid in terms of management with strong and transparent financial control
  • Quick in noticing and debating new experiences and trends, translating them into best practices, tools and new services
  • Rational and experienced in our use of human and financial resources to provide the best quality price ratio
  • Independence and objectivity in terms of our working relationships
  • Linking up with international advisers with complementary know-how, such as public health or private sector development
As expressed in our motto ‘Dream it, Believe’, GRIL believes that people are the key to success and that ideas rule the world.


Our Team

GRIL staff members are both trainers and consultants. Led by the revolutionary thinker, Obinnaya C. Uruakpa( a NAICOM licensed Insurance Agent and Trainer), they are specialists in their own particular fields and have practical experience gained from a variety of different organisations all over the world.
Our staff are involved both in training and consultancy activities to ensure that they maintain a close link with day-to-day practices in the field. We believe that this way of working enriches the training courses and keeps our staff always at the forefront of emerging development ideas and best practices. GRIL experts are professional people with initiative. They create good and sincere working relations with the course participants and our clients in the field.
GRIL employs over fifty staff members (both on full and adhoc basis) worldwide and, in addition calls upon experts from its satellite network or its pool of affiliated consultants.

About Obinnaya C. Uruakpa

Our Services

Sales and Marketing of Goods and Services (especially insurance)
Evolution of Marketing Plans.
Strategy & Planning
Monitoring & Evaluation
Organisational learning
Leadership and Management
Management Skills


Result-based management
Change management
Organisational analysis
Capacity development
Institutional development

 Human resources management
Networking and lobbying
Higher Education Management
Sector analysis
Private Sector in Development



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core values

Commitment and Passion
Ideas Rule the World
Getting the Job Done … Period
Empowering youth to change the world


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