About us

GRIL, an Ideas, Training & Consultancy firm is a worldwide operating ideas, management training and consultancy organisation. Since 2009,  we have aimed to contribute to improved management of individuals and organisations. GRIL has its head office in Abuja, Nigeria
GRIL is organised in three units, each addressing part of our core expertise:
Ideas (Sales/ Marketing, Project and Programme Management)
Training (Organisations and People Development)
Consultancy (Institutional Development Sector and overall Effectiveness).


Core values
Commitment and Passion
Ideas Rule the World
Getting the Job Done … Period
Empowering youth to change the world


Product and Services

GRIL provides marketing consultancy (especially in insurance) courses, workshops, facilitations and consultancy services for individuals and organisations, especially designed to strengthen the managerial and organisational capacity required to perform effectively (to achieve set objectives) and efficiently (at minimum costs).
In addition to the open courses of our standard programme, GRIL offers tailor-made courses and workshops. These workshops and courses are multi-disciplinary and geared to the specific needs of the clients. Also, our regular courses can be adapted to meet specific needs. Furthermore GRIL can assist organisations in the design of new strategies and organisational development plans as well as with the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of these plans.
We bring together modern management theories and tools with practical experience in development programmes and projects worldwide. Our approach to training, as well as to consultancy, is of a practical nature, rich in visual elements and with a high degree of participation. We deliver our services to clients within a wide variety of organisations. These include , governments, non-governmental organisations and consulting firms, all involved in diverse sectors of the economy. read more

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core values

Commitment and Passion
Ideas Rule the World
Getting the Job Done … Period
Empowering youth to change the world.


No 30 Onitsha Crescent, Off Gimbiya Street,

Opposite Top Rnk Hotel, Area Eleven,

Garki- Abuja, Nigeria, West Africa.

09-4813894, 08033277083