About Us

GRIL, an Ideas, Training & Consultancy firm is a worldwide operating ideas, management training and consultancy organisation. Since 2009,  we have aimed to contribute to improved management of individuals and organisations. GRIL has its head office in Abuja, Nigeria
GRIL is organised in three units, each addressing part of our core expertise:
Ideas (Sales/ Marketing, Project and Programme Management)
Training (Organisations and People Development)
Consultancy (Institutional Development Sector and overall Effectiveness).

Core values
Commitment and Passion
Ideas Rule the World
Getting the Job Done … Period
Empowering youth to change the world


Grand Renaissance International Ltd (GRIL), NAICOM licensed insurance agents   is a world class company focused primarily on equipping sales/marketing personnel with the requisite skills to perform in today’s complex business environment.
Our experience shows that the areas for potential business especially in insurance keep shrinking daily as a result of various factors e.g. The expansion of the financial services market necessitated by constantly evolving government policies, the distortion of the business outlook due to the global economic crisis, low investors’ confidence in areas outside of food, drugs and women and children’s fashion.

The question then would be ‘is there a way forward?’. We believe there is. If you desire what you have never had, then you must be willing to do what you have never done. Companies need to do more to prepare their marketing and other personnel for the current challenges they must face in today’s business ‘minefield’ if they must succeed. The demand for the few funds in customers’ hands is fierce and to get it one must work extra smart.