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A training module on entrepreneurship for persons starting their own business.

 This is a modular training package in entrepreneurship that is intended to provide supplementary knowledge to young people and other persons receiving technical and vocational education and training (TVET), in formal or non-formal settings, so that they may acquire an entrepreneurial mindset and the knowledge to set up a small business, if they so wish.

The training packages are in response to the lack of employment opportunities for the technically trained, while at the same time the availability of technical services was very limited. Many are convinced that young technically trained people need to become self-employed as independent service providers rather than depend on finding wage employment. Young people would then be able to satisfy the demand for those services while carving out profitable careers for themselves.  

We hope this helps the unemployed, under-employed, about to retire or already retired. Please subscribe today to receive regular supplies of our knowledge materials (online downloads, CDs, DVDs, books etc.) Visit www.gril.com.ng or call 08033277083 or 08038327512. Email: info@gril.com.ng

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